Maintaining good balance through physical activity is crucial for keeping healthy, active and connected as we age. At Bankstown City Aged Care, we encourage our residents and clients to prioritise activities that promote better balance. Here are just some of the benefits of maintaining balance through exercise:

Sharper Mind: Balance activities stimulate the brain, improving cognitive function and memory. This can help with performing everyday tasks and keeping mentally sharp.

Fewer Falls, Greater Confidence: Falls are a major concern for older adults. Physical activity improves balance and coordination, which can help to improve stability and reduce the risk of falls.

Strong Bones: Bones tend to get more brittle and weaker as we age, so it’s important to incorporate strength training to promote bone health and keep them strong. Stronger bones also reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Bounce Back Faster: Physical activity helps to improve circulation, which allows the body and the immune system’s cells and substances to function more effectively. By keeping the muscles that aid with balance strong, older adults can regain independence quicker when they recover from illness.

At Bankstown City Aged Care, we offer a range of exercise programs tailored to our clients’ needs at our Wellness Centre. Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to help you or your loved one keep living their life to the fullest.