Meet Hilda, a valued member of the BCAC In Home Support community since 2013. At 96 years old, Hilda’s life is a testament to her steadfast resolve to “get on with it” despite life’s challenges.

Independence is non-negotiable for Hilda. Despite some health setbacks like hearing loss and mobility issues, she refuses to be confined by her circumstances. Hilda chooses to focus on her capabilities rather than limitations.

Supported by a Level 3 Home Care Package, Hilda accesses a suite of services tailored to her needs, including personal care and household assistance. The presence of BCAC’s emergency monitoring system provides her with peace of mind, ensuring she can live safely in her own home.

Hilda also benefits from weekly visits at the Wellness Centre.

“My weekly attendance at the Wellness Centre has not only improved my mobility and physical health, but I also find the social setting good for my mental health,” she said.

With support from her family and the BCAC team, she remains committed to maintaining mental acuity through stimulating activities like puzzles and outings.
Hilda’s wisdom and resilience are an inspiration to us at BCAC.