Dates have been received for the first and second doses of the COVID vaccines for all residents at Chester Hill, Yallambee and Gillawarna Villages.  The Commonwealth government has instructed aged care providers to restrict visitors on these days to visits for exceptional reasons only.   As the date gets closer our village managers will remind you that visiting is not available on the vaccination day, and as always we will accommodate any request for visits that are based on compassionate reasons.

The current dates for each village are:


30 April, 2021     – first dose

21 May 2021       – second dose


22 April 2021       – first dose

13 May 2021       – second dose

Chester Hill    

13 April 2021       – first dose

4 May 2021         – second dose

Now the dates for the COVID vaccinations are known we can plan for the influenza vaccine rollout for 2021.  The advice is that there must be at least 2 weeks between administration of the COVID and influenza vaccinations.


THE Commonwealth government advised aged care providers late last week that they had revised the plan to provide staff vaccination clinics in each aged care facility.  The Commonwealth is now recommending aged care staff source the vaccine through other sources, such as their GP.


Traditionally April each year has been a focus in health and aged care organisations on falls prevention and awareness. This year the NSW Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network has some great resources for assisting aged care providers to develop strategies to address this important issue.

 BCAC has developed a 4-week program which will commence on 6 April to raise awareness in our residents, families and staff on how to prevent falls.  The program will include a broad range of initiatives over the months and some examples include:

  1. Encouraging hazard reporting by residents, staff and families
  2. Education for staff on the link between certain health conditions and increased falls risks
  3. Reviewing medications and how they might contribute to falls
  4. Raising the importance of food and fluid
  5. Encouraging time outdoors to help regulate the wake/sleep cycle.
  6. Reviewing residents footwear to ensure it is safe
  7. Encouraging structured walking groups for residents able to mobilise

Residents will receive more information from the village staff on the weekly focus throughout the month.


As part of Bankstown City Aged Care’s strategic plan we are reviewing our incident management system and we will be sharing information on improvements we make to any part of our system over the next few months.  We also look forward to sharing results of any incident prevention initiatives, such as the falls awareness month, at resident meetings.

You would be aware that certain incidents are reportable to the police and/or Aged care Quality and Safety Commission.  The number of incidents now reportable has increased and if we need to report any incident involving your relative we will notify you of this.

The Commission has asked that we provide you with information on how they use personal information collected and I have attached a link to the relevant page of the Commission’s website for your information:


We are constantly monitoring the NSW Health website for updates on areas/venues that are added to the list which means anyone who has visited those locations cannot enter residential aged care centres. At the moment the list is only confined to part of Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Hopefully, Sydney does not have any new COVID cases.  We will advise you if there are any changes to information we receive as providers and we encourage you to share any information we send you to your wider family group.