Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden?

One key feature of our sun-dappled Gillawarna Village is its Dementia-Specific Unit (DSU), and we’re excited to announce that it has recently undergone a stunning transformation.

The marvellous team at Bankstown Sports Club generously donated funds to Bankstown City Aged Care for the creation of a sensory garden within Gillawarna’s DSU. A modern water feature now sits in the middle of a beautifully manicured garden, brilliantly bright flowers, and a family friendly environment.

Studies show that people living with dementia benefit from staying close to nature and being surrounded by visually appealing and pleasantly-scented objects.

And that’s exactly what our sensory garden provides. The water feature delivers relaxing sounds, and the flowers — well, who doesn’t feel uplifted by beautifully-scented lavender.