There are several stages in the admission process:

  1. Enquiry: A person seeking placement for themselves or a loved one contacts our company. An Application Pack is sent out which contains an application form and other relevant information sheets.
  2. Application: If a person is ready for placement, there are 2 forms that MUST be forwarded to our Administration office for the application to be processed:
    1. Resident Application and Consent for Personal Information – completed by the applicant or a carer,
    2. ACAT Approval – this is a form that determines a person’s eligibility to enter aged care and is completed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The phone number to book an assessment is 1800 200 422.
    3.  Income and Assets Assessment – The third form is an Income and Assets
      Assessment, which is a letter received back from Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs and may affect some of the fees and charges when in care. You do not have to submit this information to Centrelink or DVA. In this case, you may be charged the maximum charges applicable.If the applicant is not ready for placement, the Application form is all that is required. Then, when a person feels that they are ready for placement, they should proceed with the Income and Assets Assessment and ACAT Assessment and forward copies of these to us as soon as possible.
  3. Offer of Placement: When a vacancy becomes available, the next potential applicant is contacted to see if placement is still required. Pending all paperwork being supplied, respite can be offered for a period of 4 weeks to ensure paperwork is completed before permanent admission.
  4. Contract Meeting: Resident and Carer meet our Advisory Team to complete all paperwork before permanent admission.
  5. Admission to the Village: The resident is admitted to the village.