Re: COVID-19 case at Yallambee Village

The South West Sydney Public Health Unit have officially declared the COVID-19 outbreak will be considered over as at 7am Friday 20 August 2021.  This means from tomorrow no residents will need to be in isolation, and life for the residents of the top floor of Esme Hilton House will be the same as it was before the outbreak was declared. Meals will resume in the dining room from lunchtime and all group activities will recommence in the morning. Staff will need to wear masks, as they do in the rest of the village, however the rest of the PPE is not required.

Our lovely resident who was positive for COVID- 19 remains well and symptom free and her family are very relieved.

I would like to acknowledge the staff who successfully prevented the virus from spreading once it entered the facility by maintaining the strict infection control practices.  The level of professionalism they demonstrated is to be commended.

Thank you to our residents and families for your support during the past 3 weeks.