Since the introduction of visiting into residential aged care homes on Monday there have been COVID outbreaks declared in 4 facilities in Sydney.  None of the BCAC homes currently have an outbreak.

We have reviewed the risks that the easing of restrictions in the wider community and residential aged care homes poses for our residents, and have decided EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATLEY to mandate that all staff, contractors and visitors must wear a P2 respirator mask and face shield. 

BCAC will cover the cost of providing the masks and face shields to visitors until the risks are reviewed again.

When visiting our sites please wear a mask until you are screened for entry and then you can swap to the P2 respirator mask and face shield. A poster with instructions on how to correctly fit the N95 mask will be provided on arrival to the village.  These masks do require a different fitting technique and it is important to ensure there is a tight seal when it is on your face. 

Please click Fiting & Checking Mask for the instructions on how to correctly fit a P2 mask.

Wearing a more fitted mask and face shield will provide greater protection to both you and your loved ones and we thank you for your co-operation and support as we navigate the current situation.