NSW Health have advised us of some changes regarding Covid-19 restrictions which have eased.

Restricted locations-latest news

Other than some nominated transport routes there are no locations of increased testing in greater Sydney or NSW at this time. This means that other than visitors from South Australia and New Zealand and the transport routes nominated on BCAC Poster 20, there are no restrictions on locations for entry to our aged care facilities.

The most recent location to be removed is the Liverpool local Government area.

Wearing masks

Staff and visitors will not be required to wear masks at our facilities from 4 December, unless they have come from South Australia or New Zealand and are attending the facility on compassionate grounds.

Residents attending outings in areas with increased testing will still be required to wear a mask but currently there are no listed areas of increased testing, so the mask requirement does not apply at the moment.

Visiting Hours

We have reviewed the recent advice issued to aged care providers from NSW Health and there is still a requirement to screen all visitors on entry. Based on the advice and available internal resources we have decided to expand entry screening hours to the following:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday     8.30am – 4pm

Thursday       8.30am – 7pm

Saturday        10am – 12 noon

Once you are screened at Reception you can stay as long as you like provided it is in the resident’s room or outdoors. 

NSW Health is still limiting the number of visitors to 2 at a one time.

Entry screening on Christmas Eve which is a Thursday will be 8.30am-7pm, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be 9am – 5pm.

We still support compassionate visits outside these times and you can contact the Manager to arrange this if required.

Deborah Key