Residential care providers received updated advice from NSW Health late on Saturday 24th October.  

In summary the change to previous advice from NSW Health is as follows:

  • A recommendation for all staff in all residential aged care homes in NSW should wear a mask for the next week. This has been a requirement at BCAC for many months and will remain in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Visitors are excluded if they have been to Bayside LGA, Waverley LGA and Randwick LGA (these LGA’s were added to the list late last week), as well as the previously advised Lakemba (suburb), Liverpool LGA and Camden LGA.
  • Residents can leave the facility to attend small family gatherings, preferably outdoors and wearing masks where physical distancing is not assured. The requirement for a resident to wear a mask in a family gathering indoors where social distancing is not possible is
  • Residents can go on group excursions in line with Public Health Orders if contact with other people in the community can be minimised and the excursion is held outdoors. Transporting residents to any external excursion will be limited by the number of people able to be on the BCAC bus at any one time due to social distancing requirements.  We will continue to monitor the social distance requirements over the next month, and when possible, will offer short trips out of the facility to a suitable outdoor area.
  • For any type of excursion or outing, residents should avoid coming into contact with people from the local government areas and suburb listed above.


BCAC update

To increase the timeframe when you can enter the villages for entry screening prior to visiting we have chosen an online booking system. Instructions on how to use the system will be issued in the next week. We anticipate entry screening times will be available during the hours our reception team are on duty Monday – Friday, and we will also accommodate one late evening visiting period per week and one weekend visitor screening period.

If you intend to take your relative to a family gathering we request that you discuss your request in advance with the manager during business hours Monday-Friday and complete the Resident Outing Declaration.  This will allow us time to risk assess the request, and advise you if there are any concerns. 

The Resident Outing Declaration is updated as changes to locations of concern are advised by NSW Health so please request a current version when you talk to the manager about the outing.  

Deborah Key