Visiting hours

Thank you for your feedback on the visiting times which we introduced yesterday at our villages to help us manage the risk of the COVID virus.  A number of you have requested we consider reducing the 4 morning sessions to 3 and increase the evening times to twice per week.

We are currently reviewing our rosters and talking to our staff as we need to modify shift times to accommodate the need to change the current arrangements and we anticipate being able to put something in place early next week. However, we need to caution that situations are changing so rapidly there may be other requirements placed on us by that time.

Update on local area communication

NSW Health is reviewing how they provide services to the community, including our residents, to minimise transfers to hospital.  This may be a combination of telehealth, ambulance review or other new means of assessment.  Our staff will continue to refer/escalate clinical issues to GP’s and the ambulance service in accordance with our normal procedures and we will be guided by NSW Health protocols as they evolve.  There will be no change to the communication we have with you when there is a change in your relative’s condition.

We are also seeking advice on what it means for visiting to residential aged care villages if NSW goes into lockdown and everyone will only be allowed to leave their house to go to the supermarket, chemist etc.


Our website will be the most up to date information on visiting times and other important facts.  We will commence using SMS to advise you the website has been updated so please refer to the COVID section of the website when you are on our site.  We have been asking families to update us if any contact details change and have noted that some of the primary contacts for our residents have a mobile but not an email address, and in some cases the second contact has an email and no mobile.  We will continue to distribute information as widely as we can and apologise if you receive the information twice.  We will continue to only contact the primary contact/legal guardians about all health related issues of our residents.

Please know that we want to provide you with us much access to your loved ones as possible as we recognise the importance of connection.

Stay safe and we will be in touch early next week.

Warm regards

Deborah Key