As previously advised BCAC is developing a transition plan based on a risk assessment which takes into account the current very low community transmission in our local area as well as in the wider community.  We believe an incremental and measured approach to reintroducing services and changes to current arrangements, is the best approach, and is modelled on the Commonwealth and State Governments approach to the pandemic. Our transition plan will include reviewing visiting arrangements, activities, hairdressing, outings and isolation requirements.

  1. Isolation Protocol

We have sought advice from the local Public Health Unit in developing a protocol for the isolation or quarantining of residents under certain circumstances, and it is evident from discussion, the highest external risk area for residents at the moment is large gathering spaces such as shopping centres, restaurants/cafes (especially as the number of patrons is increased in these venues).  We have factored this into our transition plan and will not be offering outings to large venue spaces, and we also discourage families and friends from taking residents to these venues.  Please refer to our current Isolation/Quarantine Risk Table (on the next page) for more details about when residents will be required to isolate and/or remain in quarantine.  This table will also be on display in all villages, and any changes sent out with newsletters, so you can keep up to date with any changes.

  1. Activities

External bus trips to open spaces such as parks or gardens will recommence sometime in July, and we are working on how to maintain social distancing on the bus and how many people can be on the bus at any one time. We are also reviewing staffing and cleaning requirements between uses, and will advise residents via the activities calendar and the lifestyle team when the trips will resume.

  1. Hairdressing

It is anticipated the hairdressing service will also resume in July and plans are well advanced to ensure compliance with the social distancing and infection control procedures.  Each village will receive separate information via flyer about how to book appointments once we have all the compliance issues finalised, and the hairdressers have confirmed their availability.

  1. Visiting arrangements

Visiting arrangements will be reviewed following the Public Health Order review on 22 June, and we can provide further advice on this next week. We will continue to offer visits outside of existing times on compassionate grounds so please contact your village manager

  1. External outings to private homes

We are currently developing a risk based questionnaire to assess the risk of a resident attending a family function in a private home.   We are required to keep records of people our residents come into contact with, and are currently working on a system that still allows freedom of choice, whilst maintaining a balance between the risks to self and others.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will be surveying residents and families in the next few weeks to seek your views of what are the important areas you would like us to focus on, as we transition to the next stage of the pandemic.

Deborah Key