UPDATE AS AT 11am 30th December, 2020

Dear friends and family of residents

Late last night, the NSW Government introduced new limits for a short period of time, on visiting into aged care facilities. 

These rules apply to ALL facilities in the Greater Sydney area, which includes all of our facilities.  These rules are designed to protect our loved ones from the COVID-19 virus.

The new rules affecting us are:

  • NO visiting allowed in facilities up to and including Wednesday 6th

  • NO external outings are allowed, except for urgent medical appointments, up to and including Wednesday 6th

  • Only visitors in “exceptional circumstances” will be permitted – eg  imminent death of a loved one (no social visits permitted under any circumstances).

Bankstown City Aged Care strongly supports these measures, as the government continues to uncover the spread of the virus in our wider community.

We encourage everyone to follow the advice from the NSW Government, and limit movements, stay at home where possible, and wear a mask when able.  I have included links below to NSW Government information sites, to help you and your families stay safe.




All of our facilities will have communication options available, if you need assistance with communicating with your loved one over the next week.  I encourage you to contact your village for more information.

We will keep families updated with any new information, as we receive it.  As before, please be prepared for the above information to change at short notice.

Kind regards

Michelle Doyle
Chief Operations Officer