Last night NSW Health released an update to aged care providers. 

As NSW continues to demonstrate low or zero daily new COVID cases the visiting restrictions are gradually being eased.  It is pleasing to see the reduction in the number of LGA’s affected by the visiting restrictions.

Visitors are still excluded from all aged care facilities in NSW if they have been in the following areas in the last 14 days:

  • Anyone who has been in Victoria in the previous 14 days (unless you have a NSW/VIC border community valid border permit)
  • Anyone who has been in the Campbelltown LGA, Liverpool LGA or Parramatta LGA


We are still asking visitors to wear masks that will be provided by BCAC at the entry screening to the facility.  We will review this on a weekly basis and hope to relax this in the coming weeks.

Visiting times and days

The days and times are the same as advised last week. 

Thursday 4pm-7pm

Saturday 10am- 12 noon

Tuesday 10am – 12 noon

Once you enter the facility and have been screened you can stay as long as you like.

Additional visiting times – coming soon

We are grateful to the family members who have kindly volunteered to assist with screening processes required for all visitors.  This will mean we can offer additional days/times for visiting based on the volunteer’s availability, and each village will be advising you of the additional days/times once we have confirmed this with our volunteers.

We are still looking to add to our volunteer pool so we can offer even more visiting opportunities.  Please contact Darinka Rukavina on (02) 8717 0180 if you can assist in any way.

My loved one is receiving end of life care – can I visit on compassionate grounds if I live in a restricted LGA? Does the Public Health need to give permission?

BCAC can approve compassionate visits for close family who live, or who have visited, the excluded LGA’s provided you have no symptoms, no fever above 37.5 degrees and you have had a vaccination. There are additional requirement during visiting under these circumstances:

  • Please ring the manager to request a compassionate visit
  • You must be escorted to and from the room of your loved one
  • You must not use the public toilets. Please use the bathroom of the resident you are visiting.

We are very pleased more families and friends can now visit our villages and we look forward to updating you next week when we receive more information from NSW Health.

Thank you for your patience and support during the past 6 months, and for the many emails and kind words we have received about our staff.

Deborah Key